Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gallery Crawl

First Fridays in the Sante Fe Art District 

Just some of the eye candy that caught my attention during an all-to-brief gallery crawl along Sante Fe Street in the Denver art district.

 photo IMG_7934ADSF_zps1f0e22be.jpg

 photo IMG_7839WallArt_zps79926097.jpg

 photo IMG_7849GV_zpsa406eb5b.jpg

 photo IMG_7861Head_zps7f1e4cb1.jpg

 photo IMG_7868GreenLady_zpsf3dba01d.jpg

 photo IMG_7869Tombstone_zps4a35c1fb.jpg

 photo IMG_7882Artist_zps7b404794.jpg

 photo IMG_7906IronDoor_zps20e65dae.jpg

 photo IMG_7912Shop_zps49b49055.jpg

 photo IMG_7921SecretService_zps7b95fe11.jpg

 photo IMG_7930WMelonWal_zps24885cff.jpg

 photo IMG_1651Frame_zps1766a580.jpg

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