Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall in the Laurel Highlands

 photo PICT4588Flower2_zps9941237a.jpg

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 photo IMG_4987WindFarm_zpsf266e563.jpg
Autum in the Laurel Highlands on Farmer Westrick's Farm outside of Hastings, PA.

 photo IMG_5160Eburg_zps7aaaafb6.jpg
Touring Ebensburg, PA at night on my way home from a shoot.

 photo IMG_5204GESwitcherJPG_zps725d4c12.jpg
At the railroad junkyard in Sankertown

 photo IMG_5262FirstSno_zps9a0cc7f3.jpg
Our first snow of the season.  It wasn't much to look at but it was snow none the less.  Thankfully this was not a heavy snow because of all the leaves still on the trees it would have surely knocked out the electricity.

 photo IMG_9124Sheep_zpsbfdb8f10.jpg
Are you looking at me?  Sheep in a field near Harmony, PA.  They say Harmony isn't a town but it is on the map, so to me it is a town.

 photo IMG_5279Corn1_zpsb72b131e.jpg
Harvesting corn in Susquehanna Township, Cambria County, PA.

 photo IMG_5311Corn2_zps41dfe9d2.jpg
John Deere corn harvester.  This machine can pick and shell at the same time.

 photo IMG_9155AppleTree_zpsdb0370e8.jpg
Close-up - an apple tree grows in Plattsville, PA.

 photo IMG_9161Corn3_zpsf3aab1d8.jpg
John Deere Model 6620 Titan II.  This 1987 harvester can hold 166 bushels of shelled corn before it needs to be unloaded.

 photo IMG_5338Beef1_zps3594447e.jpg
Yearling steer in a field about 1/2 mile down the road from our house.

 photo IMG_5339Beef2_zpsb736f242.jpg
You can't really see it from this angle but the black yearling is feeding on a little mother's milk.

 photo IMG_5340Al3_zps026a3064.jpg
The Altoona Women's Club house in Altoona, PA.  At one time this building was part of the Baker Estate and dates back to around 1811.

 photo IMG_5349Al2_zps4fc6fadb.jpg

 photo IMG_5350Al1_zps2fede907.jpg
Flower bouquet on the wrought iron gate in front of the Altoona Woman's Club.

 photo IMG_5147Halloween_zps39f9ea45.jpg
This haunted house is along Cambria Slope Road also known as Old Route 22 near Ebensburg, PA.

These last three photographs are a tribute to The Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration.

 photo IMG_6395DoD1_zps95540145.jpg

 photo IMG_6397DoD2_zps9bf8b277.jpg

 photo IMG_7842DoDWall_zps7a19fa2f.jpg

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