Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fall is Out, Winter is In

Fourteen of the photographs this week were shot during two trips over to Glendale Lake at Prince Gallitzin State Park.  Two were shot in our yard and the final three were shot on a trip back home to York, PA.

 photo IMG_8283Woodies_zpsb67c0ba1.jpg
After losing another suet feeder to the bears, I had to go with this much larger feeder until I could take a trip into the city for a new one.  The bird on the left is a male Downy Woodpecker and the larger bird on the right is a female Red-bellied Woodpecker.

 photo IMG_9616SR_zps23242030.jpg
The first of four shots covering about a mile along the west shore of Lake Glendale.

 photo IMG_8472SR1_zps5d7721ed.jpg
The rising sun in the area known as Headache Hill.

 photo IMG_8475SR2_zps6afb6d04.jpg
Killbuck Run as it enters the lake.

 photo IMG_8486SR3_zpsc43230cd.jpg
I used two pine trees to frame the rising sun at Killbuck Run.

 photo IMG_8532Barn1_zps088b0d97.jpg
I like taking Grozanick Road to the lake because it runs through some farm land and state game lands and is only used by locals.  The barn shown here is on the east end of the road nearest the lake.

 photo IMG_8542Barn2_zpsd6944b6d.jpg
At the other end of Grozanick Road is the Skebeck Farm.

 photo IMG_8556CornRolls_zps6163b6f0.jpg
After the corn is harvested from the field farmers go back through with special balers that roll the leftover corn stalks into bales that will later be used as feed.

 photo IMG_9637Cow_zpscff148eb.jpg
Portrait of a cow.

 photo IMG_8698Farm_zpsc1d4958f.jpg
Farm along Glendale Lake Road.

 photo IMG_8717Flag_zps0673caaa.jpg
American flag on a silo also along Glendale Lake Road.

 photo IMG_8726Tree_zps0219924c.jpg
Looking down Range Road towards the first little boat launch at the lake. 

 photo IMG_8729Lake_zps895cc8b2.jpg
Reflection on the partially frozen lake.

 photo IMG_9699Docks_zps0bd03373.jpg
The only boats that will be seen near this dock area for the next several months will be ice boats, once the lake is completely frozen over.

 photo IMG_9721Fence_zpsa3fb4363.jpg

 photo IMG_8802Beer_zpse1d4768a.jpg
Normally at this time of the year we usually buy a nut roll for the holidays.  It just so happens that this year we made our own for the first time and while out shopping we stumbled upon this beer.  We thought it would be a good idea for a Christmas card.

 photo IMG_8928NewOxford_zps4f26fe9e.jpg
Old railroad station along Route 30 in New Oxford, PA.

 photo IMG_8900WSanta_zps080809f5.jpg
Prescriptions Antiques shop window in Gettysburg, PA.

 photo IMG_9025BSanta_zps3a4141f4.jpg
Santa Claus in a barbershop window, Philadelphia Street, York, PA.

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