Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surviving the Vortex

It's been too cold to go out and do too much around the area so all of the photographs this week were shot in the yard.

 photo IMG_0596Goldies_zps16c525d7.jpg
Goldfinches vying for a position at the feeder.

 photo IMG_0644Gold2_zpsa45069a8.jpg
On the defensive.

 photo IMG_1198Dove_zpsa23a6f66.jpg
Mourning Dove sitting on a sassafras branch.

 photo IMG_1383Junco_zps68d12329.jpg
Dark-eyed Junco braving the winter snow.

The next five photographs show a female Pileated Woodpecker as she gets ready to make use of the suet feeder that we have hung out.

 photo IMG_2020FP01_zpsf4ca6663.jpg

 photo IMG_2021FP02_zps10fa1b4e.jpg

 photo IMG_2022FP03_zps7ca5868d.jpg

 photo IMG_1987FP04_zps11299a47.jpg

 photo IMG_1963FP05_zpsa60e4457.jpg

 photo IMG_2119ChippingSparrow_zps8447e7c5.jpg
Chipping Sparrow sits on a branch checking out the feeder.

 photo IMG_1752Cat_zpsf28e5e33.jpg
We have no idea where this black cat came from.  It showed up here a few months ago and kinda took up residence underneath our garden shed.  It hasn't been a bother until now so its fate is still in question.

 photo IMG_1474Chimes_zps7c6e7717.jpg
Temple wind chimes.

 photo IMG_1479Stump_zps5b929a98.jpg
Tree stump sticking up through the snow.

 photo IMG_1690TreeBW_zps69352a81.jpg
Looking out the window early one morning at one of our feeders in a blowing snow.

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