Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mixed Media

 photo IMG_1834Scuba_zpsaef09239.jpg
Eventually a local metal artist will turn these recycled railroad spikes into scuba divers.

 photo IMG_1862Weld_zpse2f06053.jpg
Welding a golf cart.

 photo IMG_1866MomKid_zpsf5d25b14.jpg
Mother and Child

 photo IMG_1885Spruce_zps81e98553.jpg
Spruce Road on the way home.

 photo IMG_1894SnoSho_zps19891956.jpg
Mixed media.

 photo IMG_1918Flower_zpsc8a0bf2f.jpg
Reflections of a flower captured in water droplets.

 photo IMG_2357Water3_zpse25f57c2.jpg
Flash photography 1

 photo IMG_2362Water2_zps9e760447.jpg
Flash photograph 2

 photo IMG_2372Water1_zpse2ce6261.jpg
Flash photography 3

 photo IMG_2405Flag_zps9b9e5ac0.jpg
American flag using the same process as seen in the flower photograph.

 photo IMG_3675FPW_zps5ad94ce2.jpg
One of two Female Pileated Woodpeckers living in our woods.  This is the first time that I've actually gotten a good photograph of this particular bird.

 photo IMG_3695MCard_zpsdf6a6f2f.jpg
Male Cardinal.

 photo IMG_3705FCard_zps294a6454.jpg
Female Cardinal.

 photo IMG_3725FRBW_zps84487084.jpg
Female Red-Bellied Woodpecker shot just as she releases from the suet feeder.

 photo IMG_3739BCreeper_zpsf86eba47.jpg 
Brown Creeper
It's impossible to tell the male from the female just by looking at them.

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