Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Bright Spots

 photo IMG_3406Dove_zpsd0a6ccb3.jpg
After many days of snow and gloom we finally caught a break.

I was sitting at the computer last week when a little movement caught my eye.  I looked out the window to see this tom turkey and fourteen of his concubines walking through the woods.

 photo IMG_3901Tom_zpsf785bfa5.jpg

 photo IMG_3933Hen_zps0c4d96bf.jpg

 photo IMG_3936Rafter_zpsab32c9ad.jpg

 photo IMG_4113VAH_zpsf34a3e0b.jpg
The building in the foreground is the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center in Altoona on Pleasant Valley Boulevard.

 photo IMG_4116Towers_zps5880b897.jpg
When I first took a photograph of these three towers several years ago all you could see behind them was the mountain top.  Now the mountain top is covered with a wind farm.

 photo IMG_4120BestBuy_zpsd4d8daf8.jpg
One of the many stores in the Logan Town Centre shopping complex in Blair County, PA.

 photo IMG_4133USMC_zps1cb3cd3e.jpg
Marine Corps sticker in the side window of my van.

 photo IMG_4134RedShed_zps8be16e59.jpg
This has been one of the snowiest winters that we've had in several years.

 photo IMG_4149Orchid_zps4918cce4.jpg
Orchid - A tabletop project

 photo IMG_4159Pinecone_zpse1416c45.jpg
Cones on a snow covered hemlock.

 photo IMG_4183acpJMaple_zps4389f1c2.jpg
Dwarf Japanese Maple and Sedum flowers buried in the snow.

 photo IMG_4201Grass_zpsa8599236.jpg
Pompas grass

 photo IMG_4257Sno_zps0d3152cf.jpg
A shot out the family room window just after a blizzard-like whiteout blew across the ridge.

 photo IMG_4871RR_zps65916d73.jpg
Last week I started a project for a local metal artist to capture his work for advertising. 

 photo IMG_4103TTop_zps74afbfae.jpg
Studio on a budget

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