Thursday, March 27, 2014

Run to Virginia Beach

My wife went to the ILLiad Conference in Virginia Beach again and I got to tag along.

 photo IMG_5184FatBoy_zps6c9ed762.jpg
On our way to Virginia Beach we stopped to visit our sister-in-law in Maryland where I shot this photograph of her cat, Fat Boy.

 photo IMG_5204SandMover_zpsef358eaa.jpg
Although it looks a little bright in this picture it is 6:15 in the morning and we were rudely awakened to the noise of this Caterpillar front end loader on the beach in front of our hotel moving sand around for some unknown reason. The closest I could figure is that there was some kind of water build up from the previous 12 hours of downpours.

 photo IMG_5229FisBoat_zps0d757103.jpg
Fishing boats tied up in Hampton, VA.  As you can see from looking at the trailer body sitting on the left hand side, the docks are under water.

 photo IMG_5255Cavalier_zpsd74e382f.jpg
Cavalier Hotel which opened for business in 1927.  Over the years it has hosted no less than 7 U.S. presidents. It is well known for it's opulence and is reputed to be haunted.

 photo IMG_5287Chihuly_zps354731d7.jpg
When people speak of master glass blowers the name at the top of the list is Dale Chihuly.  He is known for his beautiful blown glass chandeliers.  In 1996 he created 15 of these including this work originally known as I Sola di San Giacomo in Palude Chandelier.  The work was purchased through donations by the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia in 2003 and renamed Mille Colori.   This is the only piece of art that the museum owns and has on permanent exhibition.  For the final two photographs shot I had to get special permission to photograph in the museum due to the fact that all the art work is on loan by the artists.

 photo IMG_5299CornerLights_zps13ee99ee.jpg
This is the lighted corner of the section of the museum that houses the chandelier.

For the final two photographs I had to get special permission to photograph in the museum due to the fact that all the art work is on loan by the artists.

 photo IMG_5529MCA2_zpsdd4e748d.jpg
In the foreground of this shot is a piece by Naomi J. Falk titled Holding My Breath which received honorable mention in 2010 when it was first exhibited.

 photo IMG_5538MCA1_zpsd7301eb1.jpg
The two photographs on the left are by photographer Christiana Caro entitled NEW WAVES 2014 (photo of house) and STAR HOUSE, 2013.  The photographs are archival inkjet prints.  The two pieces on the right are titled Light and Sound I and Light and Sound II were produced in 2012 by artist Jessica Sheehan Smith and are mixed media cyanotype.

 photo IMG_5360VetsPark_zps2982a82e.jpg
Tidewater Veterans Memorial Park which is located in front of the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  This piece is titled A World Divided by War and is one of three main themes of the park.

 photo IMG_5364HDR2_zps9094922b.jpg
My artistic rendering of the previous shot.

 photo IMG_5383Boats_zpsac359fb4.jpg
Marina at Ruddy Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_5386WallArt_zps6439e78a.jpg
Wall art outside of a 3-D black lighted miniature golf course on Pacific Avenue.

 photo IMG_5489Beach_zpsdb6aa57e.jpg
J T's Grommet Island a community beach park at the south end of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

 photo IMG_5490Hotels_zpsd6564274.jpg
There are 30+ hotels along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach and all have ocean facing rooms.

 photo IMG_5499Surfer_zps0b31f189.jpg
Thor - local surfer dude.

 photo IMG_5515Runner_zps1e51562d.jpg
Locals running along the beach on the first sunny day in a week.

 photo IMG_5546JetArt_zpsbbcda0c4.jpg
Great America I by Sam Welty.   The wall was repainted in February of 2013.

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