Thursday, April 10, 2014

VB Revisited

 photo IMG_5589SunRis_zps08d84b4f.jpg
Sunrise, along the boardwalk at Virginia Beach, VA.

 photo IMG_5544Surfer2_zps0b3a0e81.jpg
It might look like a nice day but the Atlantic Ocean is really cold in March.

 photo IMG_5715SanTak_zps235e0008.jpg
Tire tracks in the sand.

 photo IMG_5905Lionfish_zps77ba4a09.jpg
Lionfish at the Virginia Aquarium

 photo IMG_6343Gulls_zps9c79173a.jpg
The one on the left is carrying a cork from a wine bottle. The one on the right is probably wondering why.

 photo IMG_6358Waves_zpsee344b87.jpg
Waves crashing on the rocks at Ruddy Inlet.

 photo IMG_6457Rooms_zps5d64ccf2.jpg
Empty rooms at the Pacific Neptune Park Inn on Atlantic Avenue.

 photo IMG_6459AlanticAve_zps7bd48fbc.jpg
Shops and hotels along Atlantic Avenue just north of our hotel.

 photo IMG_6586GreenBoat_zpsae4cb88d.jpg
A Coast Guard facility on Lake Rudee.

 photo IMG_6696InLet_zpscd2cad9a.jpg
Beach houses facing the Atlantic Ocean at the entrance of Rudee Inlet.

 photo IMG_6731Gull_zpsdde9269f.jpg

 photo IMG_6756FireDog_zps4904a106.jpg
Wall art along Pacific Avenue.

 photo IMG_7071E2C_zps36cabd3a.jpg
A E-2C Hawkeye landing at Oceana Naval Air Station.

 photo IMG_7135F18_zpsc4fb0396.jpg
F-18 Hornet

 photo IMG_7585BikGang_zpsd22a339b.jpg
Boardwalk biker gang out for an early ride on a chilly March morning.

 photo IMG_7725Shadow_zps448a5055.jpg
Shadow rider.

 photo IMG_7764WavRoc_zpse6559754.jpg
Watching the waves crashing onto the rocks at Fort Story.

 photo IMG_7794Dunes_zpsc5b8942d.jpg
Looking out at ships anchored waiting to enter the Norfolk docks as seen from the harbor master's building at Fort Story.

 photo IMG_7884Scope_zps31766b78.jpg
Another view of the ships from First Landing State Park.

 photo IMG_7921Blubird_zpsc44a3546.jpg

 photo IMG_8088Egret_zpsdb3236e4.jpg

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