Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just for the Sake of Photography


 photo IMG_7167Phone_zps679c8970.jpg
Retro telephone

 photo IMG_7199Crocus_zps137fbb19.jpg
Spring Crocus

 photo IMG_7203BHaus_zps3dea577c.jpg
One of our old birdhouses showing its age.

 photo IMG_7393Lamp_zpsb45e6590.jpg
Retro lamp and phone.

 photo IMG_7663RChair_zpscdac3e06.jpg
A well-worn time-out chair.

 photo IMG_7664Box_zpsa1e94234.jpg
Old parts box laying on the trash heap.

 photo IMG_7675Feeder_zpsbfaf97aa.jpg
Spring fog.

 photo IMG_7685RedChairs_zpsffbe813d.jpg
Two red chairs in the early morning fog.

 photo IMG_7761OldMill_zpsd0b3c6a2.jpg
Defunked antique shop near Indiana, PA.

 photo IMG_7765TStone_zpse8e19551.jpg
Rosetta on a tombstone in the Ruffner Cemetery.  Originally deeded in 1882 to the German Baptist Church.

 photo IMG_7829HarmonCB_zps29a4a6e5.jpg
Harmon Covered Bridge built in 1910, 45 feet long and originally costing $525 to  build.

 photo IMG_7839CBeams_zps2b9f95ba.jpg
Cross members inside the covered bridge

 photo IMG_8617Bolt_zpsf779a0ce.jpg
Close-up of a metal bolt and wooden pegs used to build the covered bridge.

 photo IMG_8005UniGlory_zpsb4e5f8a0.jpg
I already have a winter shot of this cargo carrier so I decided to stop and get a spring time shot of it also.

 photo IMG_8585GStone_zps70f2ae07.jpg
Old church cemetery.  The tombstones bear the names of Civil War Veterans.

The next 8 photographs were all shot within a half block of each other in downtown Ebensburg, PA.

 photo IMG_8677Eb1_zps78f0990f.jpg

 photo IMG_8679Eb2_zpsdba5dc37.jpg

 photo IMG_8685Eb3_zpsbaf77be1.jpg

 photo IMG_8692Eb4_zpsfd119047.jpg

 photo IMG_8696Eb5_zpse785bcc2.jpg

 photo IMG_8699Eb6_zps93c88871.jpg

 photo IMG_8701Eb7_zps49c547a7.jpg

 photo IMG_8704Eb8_zps712b85cb.jpg

 photo IMG_8001Eb9_zps4eaafc84.jpg
Holding pond located at Route 422 and Route 219 South.

 photo IMG_8454MOW_zps1abe924f.jpg
Preparing to replace railroad ties along a short line located in the northern part of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

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