Thursday, May 08, 2014

Indiana, PA

I've developed a new interest in air plants.  I sent away for a small collection and scavenged through craft stores and resale shops for containers so I could "plant" them.

 photo IMG_8107AirPlant0_zps08205aa9.jpg
Collection of air plants 1

 photo IMG_8117AirPlant2_zps12f11ddf.jpg
Collection of Air Plants 2

 photo IMG_8124AirPlant1_zps87dd4182.jpg
Collection of Air Plants 3

I went down to Homer City to pick up a treadmill and stopped along Old Route 119 North to shoot the next 8 pictures.

 photo IMG_8179OldDor_zpsde5dac74.jpg
Old lumber yard office.

 photo IMG_8190OldWood_zps4b4431aa.jpg
Back wall of the lumber yard building.  Shot at an angle just to add a little style to the old weathered wood.

 photo IMG_8198Tires_1_zps10e65d78.jpg
1970s abandoned tire shop.

 photo IMG_8201Garage_zps9c7ba2d3.jpg
Another abandoned building along Old Route 119 is this old filling station.

 photo IMG_8209Pump_zps4f49dbb2.jpg
This old gas pump has seen better days.

 photo IMG_8212GTanks_zps18f453a8.jpg
Oil storage tanks.

 photo IMG_8786Tracks_zpsc6f6cc5f.jpg
To infinity and beyond.
Railroad tracks belonging to the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad.

 photo IMG_8224BiKe_zps40bde143.jpg
Every kid deserves to have parking for their bicycle when shopping at the local merchants.

 photo IMG_8225Bike2_zps3f8d8f3b.jpg
You can tell that this bicycle is more than likely in a small town because it's not chained to something.

This past Saturday we drove to Musser Garden Center to purchase some perennials for the garden.

 photo IMG_8870Pine_zps1fb51056.jpg
Shot of a pasture outside of Emeigh, PA.

 photo IMG_8882ConeF_zps1d29247e.jpg

 photo IMG_8886PinkFlower_zps69417cc7.jpg
Not sure what this is but it sure is a pretty flower.

 photo IMG_8238Apple_zps24f05c94.jpg
Musser Nursery on Route 119 North of Indiana, PA.
No one knows who, when or why this apple tree was planted alongside this building.  It does make an interesting photograph.

 photo IMG_8248ICTruck_zps0820482a.jpg
On the way back home with our collection of new plants for the garden, we stopped in Clymer and had an ice cream sandwich from this truck.   Be-aware, the sandwich consists of two large chocolate chip cookies with homemade ice cream inside.   We split it and it was still a lot to eat.

 photo IMG_8899OldBuil_zps67589c46.jpg
Old storage barn.

 photo IMG_8905SterlingGas_zpsed9a0fa6.jpg
I couldn't find much information on the internet about this Sterling Gas Pump but I do know it is probably from the1950s and the price per gallon of gas is listed at 28.9 cents per gallon.

 photo IMG_8278RainB_zps7c5d0954.jpg
Rainbow between the ridges.

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