Thursday, July 03, 2014

Back to the Past

A few more pictures from our recent trip down to Luray, VA

 photo IMG_8722ElecPan_zpsfc002d78.jpg
Electric box on the wall of the Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray.

 photo IMG_8723ElecBox_zps76aa3c3a.jpg
This electrical unit caught my eye because I have neer seen something like this that was built by the Colt Firearms Compay

 photo IMG_8755Treeart_zps905bc6a3.jpg
Real and surreal come together to create this piece of art.

 photo IMG_8762DrumSet_zps122766c3.jpg
Drum set

 photo IMG_8791TreeLights_zps70931f74.jpg
A light covered branch from a tree used to mark the entrance to a music concert in downtown Luray, VA.

 photo IMG_8803SNP_zps2f81e596.jpg
Thornton Gap entrance to the Shenandoah National Park which is just east of Luray on Route 211.

 photo IMG_8810Fence_zps51aed3e3.jpg
Split rail fence along the road.

 photo IMG_8928WAG_zpsad50ade8.jpg
My favorite place in all of Luray, and it is free.

 photo IMG_8932Tats_zps691ca60e.jpg
Wall art.

 photo IMG_894455Ford_zps4b3d660a.jpg
Wall art on the exterior wall of the old Luray Ford auto dealer.

 photo IMG_8976LogHouse_zps2d5e9b36.jpg
When the owner of this building started to tear it down they had no idea what they were going to find. It was quite a surprise, to say the least.

 photo IMG_8987CFD_zps5010f356.jpg
A finger pointing the way to the wine distillery in Sperryville, VA.

 photo IMG_9001PvtLn_zpsd7fb9883.jpg
It might not look like much but this is an area used to load cattle onto transport trucks.

 photo IMG_9003Burkes_zpsfb113216.jpg
Burke's Grocery along the road to Culpepper, VA.

 photo IMG_9007HaleyArt_zps5fbd2acc.jpg
Haley Fine Art Studios, Sperryville, VA.

 photo IMG_9053BlakChar_zpsbcfa2156.jpg
An old black chair hidden behind an antique shop.

 photo IMG_9060CleanOut_zps70dbd61d.jpg
Cleanout door on an old 60 foot chimney.

 photo IMG_9111QuitSpit_zps36717174.jpg
On our way back to Pennsylvania this building really caught my eye. Not only because of the color but also because of the message as I have never seen one before.

 photo IMG_9131CSX211_zps78913c0f.jpg
CSX Diesel number 211, a CW44AC, idles along the mainline while waiting for through traffic to go by.

 photo IMG_9137CSX8253_zps21e2d8bd.jpg
Two of CSX railroads remaining SD40-2s roll through Cumberland, Maryland.

 photo IMG_9150WallArt_zpsfcd4c916.jpg
A bar sitting next to the railroad tracks in Cumberland features wall art which depicts several interesting areas around Cumberland.

 photo IMG_9159WallArt2_zps8ca0e30c.jpg

 photo IMG_9188FordF100_zps1a2dedf9.jpg
1960 Ford F100 sitting in front of a grocery store in Cresson, PA our last stop before home.

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