Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keene, NH

If you have ever seen the movie, Jumanjia, you might recognize some of the photographs in this week's blog.  A lot of the 1997 film was shot in and around the Keene area.

 photo IMG_9777ThrifShop_zps2f2082c1.jpg
25 Lawson Street about 1/2 block off Main.

 photo IMG_9778Cafe_zps24b82001.jpg
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant on Main Street has the look and feel of a cantina.

 photo IMG_9782Movie_zpsa7229509.jpg
Colonial Theater built in 1924 is the only theater still in Keene.  It has undergone two restorations starting in 1993.

 photo IMG_9785Timoleos_zpsdf1d4cd1.jpg
Timoleon's Family Restaurant - good food and lots of seating.

 photo IMG_9787StoreFront_zps03dee572.jpg
A sign over the Synergy Sporting Good Store.  I would have shot the store front but there was way too much reflection.

 photo IMG_9790FireAlarm_zpsfc38fc72.jpg
When was the last time you saw an old school fire alarm like this one.

 photo IMG_9804Franks_zps33b8c1d6.jpg
You may recognize this from the movie.

 photo IMG_9805BanShell_zpsb58d126f.jpg
Gazebo in the middle of town.

 photo IMG_9798Shoes_zps8b67ac8c.jpg
Two views of the Parrish Shoes sign that was seen in the movie.  The original sign was removed but later restored.

 photo IMG_9816TalWall_zpsce578935.jpg

 photo IMG_9830WhiteFence_zps21ccbf80.jpg
Every New England town has at least one white picket fence.

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