Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digital Slides

I never really thought about it but shooting digital photographs is like shooting slides back in the days of using my 35mm Minolta or my 2.25 Rollaflex. I mean that when you look at the picture you just shot you see it as a positive as you would a slide. Today's photographers completely by-pass the process of going from 35mm negative to an 8x10 print. As modern-day photographers, most people have never worked in a dark room or processed their own film. I think we're missing half of the fun that brought our work to life.

Built in 1948 the old Sheesley Supply Company concrete plant still stands next to the Stoney Creek in Johnstown, PA. Started in 1916, the company is still at its original location on Horner Street. The next three photographs were shot from the same place along the creek.

Quonset Hut


Close-up of buildings.

Two Tulips...

one red ...

one yellow.

Young leaves on a red maple tree in our front yard.

When I got home from teaching a photography class at the Hastings Library on Thursday night, my wife had a fire going in the back yard fire pit and I got the following shots. The three pictures were all shot within .07 seconds of each other. I used the following settings to take these pictures: ISO 100 -- f2.8 at 1/1250 -- 70mm on manual with a tripod and cable release.

Demon from Hell -- in color ...

and black and white.

Fire Dragon with Rider -- in color ...

and black and white.

Flying Horse -- in color ...

and black and white.

Immaculate Conception Chapel on the campus of Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA.

On Saturday we were vendors at the indoor yard sale held at the Blair County Convention Center. Of course, I had to take a few pictures both there and on the way home.

A box of old Barbie dolls for sale at $.25 each.

My legs reflected in a mirror sitting on the floor.

Aluminum panel on a wall next to the elevators in the Blair County Convention Center.

Hills surrounding the Lakemont area of Altoona, PA.

Heading up Mill Run Road is the Mueller Auto Junkyard.

One of the things I bought at the yard sale was a 10x7" hand carved wooden statue of a knealing baby Buddha.

Another view of the baby Buddha.

Priced at $.50, this Mexican-made metal statue titled "Circle of Friends" was hard to pass up.

The newest visitor to our back yard is this White-Crowned Sparrow -- Zonotrichia leucophrys

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