Thursday, November 06, 2008

Two Kinds of Tragedies

Over the last several years I have been the photographer for STAR Productions at Saint Francis University. This year the fall presentation was Something Wicked which was a play put together by Bonnie and Kenny Resinski with the help of Anita Fusco-Baumann, Brian Davis, Cynthia Haynes, Branden Miller, Bronwyn Stevens and Laura Stibich. The play was held at the JFK Auditorium 29-31 October 2008. The production was a compilation of lines, monologues and scenes from William Shakespeare's plays.

The photographs are presented in no particular order.

The cast.

The cast looks on as The Wyrd Sisters mix a magical potion.

Brian Davis' character threatening Anita Fusco-Baumann's.

The Three Witches.
Lisa Moser, Elisha Fleig, and Marissa Cortese.

Lori Howsare and Brady Saksa.

Addison Fox.

Tatyanna Fox as Lady Macbeth.


Brian Davis and Nancy Jo Saksa.

Randy Jeffreys.

Tony DeRubis.

The Wyrd Sisters weave a spell to keep out good spirits.

Lori Howsare describes what it is like to drown.

Lisa Moser explains her plan to take revenge on someone who has wronged her as the other Wyrd Sisters listen.

Death (Brent Matthew) enters to the displeasure of the rest of the cast.

Anita Fusco-Baumann, Addison Fox and Nancy Jo Saksa.

Elisha Fleig.

Brian Davis.

Bronwyn Stevens.

Edward Victoria as Macbeth.

Weldon Lovely as Frankenstein.

Horror, Penelope Doll, a seasoned actress.

At approximately 10:30 Monday night, November 3, 2008, a fire broke out at Bowman's sporting goods store and the adjacent Second Hand Rose, a consignment shop on Magee Avenue in Patton, PA. Fourteen fire departments were called to the scene. Firefighters had the fire knocked down around 3 in the morning with the Patton Fire Department returning to their building at approximatley 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Three buildings were consumed during the fire which caused a problem for area residents during the presidential election. Because the fire hall was the local voting place and it was being used to clean equipment, all the voting machines had to be removed to the Patton Ambulance building. There was no interruption to the voting process. The blaze, with estimated damages of over 1 million dollars, is still under investigation by the Pennsylvania State Fire Marshall and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms because of the guns and ammunition sold in the store.

Bowman's Sporting Goods Store October 2007.

Bowman's Sporting Goods Store November 2008.

Looking down Magee Avenue at the Grand Central Hotel on the left and Second Hand Rose consignment shop on the right.

Gun safes inside the store.

This shows the two buildings that composed the Second Hand Rose consignment shop.

Another view of the Grand Central and the burned out buildings.

Part of the Second Hand Rose shop.

Bowman's Sporting.

Mechanical coin-operated horse sitting in one of the windows at Second Hand Rose. Even though this horse is heat and water damaged, it would appear that this piece might be able to be saved or restored.

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