Thursday, July 23, 2009

Native American Dance 2009

For the last twelve years, the Native American Dance Competition has been held at the DelGrosso's Amusement Park, formerly known as Bland's Park, in Tipton, PA. We missed a few of our old friends this year but made a few new ones, so the tradition goes on.

One person that we missed was John Pingree who had to return home to Wyoming because his mother became ill. Had he been able to attend the POW WOW, John would have been this year's Head Man Dancer. Filling in for John was Brian General who was the Head Man Dancer a few year's ago. One of the things that stood out to us was the number of young dancers this year and the number of new-borns that made their first POW WOW so the tradition goes on.

A vendor's Yorkie strikes a pose at one of the entrances to the POW WOW at the park.

All of the vendors at the dance competition are by invitation only.

While shooting the previous picture I watched this Common Green Darner land on some of the merchandise in the stand.

Brian General, Head Man Dancer

Dawnita Neconie, Head Lady Dancer.

John Norwood, United States Flag Bearer.

Aaron Hedgepath, Indian Nations Flag Bearer.

7Dec09 We are working on restoring the videos
While I was shooting still pictures, I setup the video camera to capture the action of the dancers during the noon grand entry.

Black Bear: Host Southern Drum, Echohawk Neconie, Lead Singer.

07Dec09 -- We are working on restoring the videos.
Although not as much action as the dancers, here is a video of Black Bear.

Smooth Town: Host Northern Drum, Adrian Harjo, Lead Singer.

07Dec09 -- We are working on restoring the videos.
And, in the spirit of fairness, here is Smooth Town.

Ghost Dancer, Charles Eagle Tail.

After watching this young man dance over the last several years I think that one day I'll see him as the Head Man Dancer at the POW WOW.