Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nothing but Wildlife

With the Thanksgiving holiday and everything else taken into consideration I decided to take the week off myself and spend time wandering around the woods for a few days.

Pilieated Woodpecker looking for bugs in an old dead tree.

Red-bellied Woodpecker trying to hide out of the way of the wind.

The littlest of our woodpeckers here in Pennsylvania are the Downeys.

One of two pictures of an 8 point buck shot while out stalking prior to the state's deer season.

If I was still a hunter this would have been considered a perfect shot, one sure to put meat on the table.

I caught these four doe passing by as I sat taking a break on a tree stump.

A Sharp-shinned Hawk seems to have taken up permanent residence on the edge of the tree line where it can watch the bird feeders that we have set out.

Purple finches on the bird feeder during our first real snow of the season.

After watching this dove for about ten minutes it finally decided to take off from the branch that it had been sitting on much to the relief of my trigger finger.

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