Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Paper Issue #337

I started this blog in 2005, so this is the end of the 6th year of publication and the last post of 2010.

One of the hardest birds to try to get a picture of are the crows. Not only do they absorb all the light because they are black but they are very wary birds that seldom allow humans to get within 30 feet of them. So, I spent the last week or so trying to see what I could get. This is one of the first and better shots I've captured so far.

Early Friday afternoon, about an hour or two after I'd filled all the bird feeders and tossed out some shelled corn and old apples for the deer, these two doe and a young buck stopped in to partake of the Christmas goodies.

The young buck with his nose down to the ground warily checks out all the apples laying before him.

It didn't take the deer long to get over their skiddishness once they started chomping down the apples.

Always on the lookout for trouble, this does' ears perked up at the slightest sound.

Of all the Christmas shopping I did this year, getting this Norfolk Island pine for 6 bucks was the best deal I found.

Norfolk Island Pine

The warm, sunny weather over the last couple of days has brought the snow frogs to the surface for a little R&R.

Maybe it's because of the smile on his face, but Buddha always looks warm.

My favorite Christmas present this year is already in service.

Purple Finch sitting on a branch in a lightly falling snow on Christmas Day.

Male Downy Woodpecker heading to the suet feeder.

Sometimes it gets a little bit busier at the suet feeder than you can imagine. In this shot the female Downy woodpecker that is flying away at the bottom of the picture, after being chased by the male Hairy woodpecker as he's about to land on the feeder. The Black-capped chickadee passing at the top of the frame wants absolutely no part of this.

These next three photographs are a set and were shot only hundreds of a second apart.

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker makes a perfect landing.

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