Thursday, March 03, 2011

Traveling Route 271

I took advantage of some of the recent sunny weather and took a little drive along Route 271.

Ice fishermen on Duman's Dam.
You're a better man than I am Gunga Din.

It won't be long until the ice fishermen are gone and the trout fishermen are taking their places.

Duman's Dam.

Welcome to beautiful downtown Johnstown, PA.

The next series of shots are of an abandoned church along William Penn Avenue in Johnstown, PA.

Did a fox jump through this window?

I did a Google search on this corner stone but could find absolutely no information.

Front door of the old church.

I can't believe that these beautiful pews are still sitting inside the building.

Clark's Country Store near Belsano, PA.

Elk Creek runs right along side Clark's Store on Route 271.

Flag on the front porch of the Cambria County Historical Society, Ebensburg, PA.

We can't remember how long this guy has been sitting on our roof. The idea was to see if he could keep birds from sitting on the wires coming into the house so we wouldn't have issues with droppings on the sidewalk and cars. The owl looks as good as he did the day we put him there, but he hasn't been doing his job. We still have the original issue.

Robin warming itself in the late afternoon sun and dreaming of Spring.

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