Thursday, May 05, 2011

Monsoons in May

We are finally through all the April showers, but unfortunately they've been replaced by the May Monsoons. About the only crop that I think will do well this year are watermelons and giant pumpkins. 

West Branch of the Susquehanna River at Mahaffey, PA.  From here you can canoe the whole way into the Atlantic Ocean.

Coltsfoot -- Tussilago farfara
Low dandelion-like plant with a single flower.

Chest Creek
The overflow from our spring runs downhill to Brubaker Run, which runs into Chest Creek, which runs into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, which runs into the Susquehanna River, which runs into the Chesapeake Bay which runs into the Atlantic Ocean.


A small flock of Purple Finches wait in a tree for their turn at the feeders.  The males are the bright red birds, the females almost blend in with the background.  We've cut back on the number of feeders since spring has arrived.   

Female Eastern Towhee

Male Eastern Towhee looking for insects among the rocks. 

Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Male Cardinal. 

Two male Purple Finches 

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. 
Don't you just love those yellow buds in the background!

Chipmunk with its jowls full of seeds peaks out from its hiding place between the rocks. 

Blue Jay 

I captured this cat looking out of a window in an alley in Ebensburg.

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Kathy Crocetti said...

Hello,I just came across your blog how wonderful. I live Pa also, I was wondering if I could use your picture of Chest Creek for a song/poem I've written? I will share the song/poem with your reader if you like. It's called "The Creeks of Life." I will also post a link to your blog & give you credit for the picture!