Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Things to Crow About

An alarm went out for a fire at Emma Jean's a local restaurant in Northern Cambria, PA on May 14, 2011.  Fortunately the restaurant is within 400 feet of  Hope Fire Company in Northern Cambria and what could have otherwise turned into a full blown structure fire was quickly snuffed out because of the location and rapid response by not only Northern Cambria's two volunteer fire companies (Hope 50 and Spangler 58) but also Hastings 55.

Deputy Fire Chief of Station 58 pulls exterior wall away from the building in an effort to find the source of flames.

A firefighter from Station 55 Hastings is seen after exiting the rear of Emma Jean's.

Spangler Fire Departments' 58-2 rolls into the alley behind Emma Jean's Restaurant as members of Station 55 prepare to enter the building.

With no further need for it's aerial platform, the Spangler Volunteer Fire Company crew prepares to leave the vicinity.

Hope Fire Company's Unit 50-4 reducing the water being pumped from the fire hydrant located next to the fire department station.

Fire fighters leaving the roof area of the restaurant.

For the last several months I've been trying to get some nice closeup pictures of the American Crow. For some unexplained reason all of a sudden this pair of crows has decided to visit our suet feeder. This is a first for us.

With a wing span of nearly 33 inches the crows don't normally land or feed from a 5 square inch suet feeder that swings like a pendulum.

After getting its fill this crow heads directly towards the camera before veering off to its right.

A wider shot of a crow as it takes off.

Back view of a crow with its wings nearly extended full width.

A nice profile shot of an American Crow.

Although not a raven, someone who has seen this picture used the quote "Nevermore".

Rarely seen as an individual, crows have their own "social network".

The majestic American Crow, one of the largest song birds in North America.

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