Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Breeze

Now that I have CS5, and by combining it with aspects of Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3, I"ve been able to teach myself to do some things that I wasn't capable of when I was just using PhotoShop CS2.  These two pictures are examples of what I've been able to teach myself. 

This shot has the original color but I've started to apply a spiral effect.

This is the final product as 3-D in a 2-sided plane.

During a recent trip to a local nursery, I toured around and took the following shots of different displays.

This is part of a small water feature that contains this crocodile and different aquatic plants.

Statue along one of the many walkways at the nursery.  Although the nursery had a lot of statues and things sitting together on display, they also have pieces such as this one among plantings to give customers and idea of how the items could be used in a garden.

This room is filled with annuals and hanging baskets.

Water Lillies

Close-up of the water lillies


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