Thursday, June 15, 2006

Route 286 Indiana County, PA

Jimmy Stewart Memorial stands in front of the Indiana County Courthouse in Jimmy Stewart's hometown of Indiana, PA.

Indiana County War Memorial on the west side of the county courthouse.

Golden dome on top of the old Indiana County Courthouse

The next 9 pictures were taken along Route 286 in the Starford area of Indiana County, PA. After ten or fifteen years of admiring this place, I finally stopped and took pictures this week. Even though I pulled up to the front door on my motorcycle dressed in black, I was shown great hospitality during my visit. This place is beautiful. The photographs speak for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your pictures. I grew up just down the road from this barn on what is called Rainbow Row. I know the people who live here. Raises my nostalgia.
Played basketball once in Hastings(1953). The gym wasn't finished and we played on the wood that is just underneath the hardwood.
J. James Albert

P.S. I have written a book on growing up in Indiana County. Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you one free.