Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dueling Festivals, Cambria County, PA

If you ever wonder how your potatoes were picked, this is how it is done.

This is the Cambria County Courthouse located in Ebensburg, PA.

Red Devil Mascot of Central Cambria High School, Ebensburg, PA.
Tuba player, Central Cambria High School Band.

In spite of the cold and the rain, folks still turned out for PotatoFest in Ebensburg.

Mentoring: Local woodcarver Ed H. instructs a young man in the art of wood carving during the PotatoFest in Ebensburg.

You can really tell these two are related, a mother and daughter from Portage, PA.

Guitar man - Russell Donnellon

One of several clowns who entertained at PotatoFest.

This gentleman, from Huntington, PA makes hand carved walking sticks and canes.

What a difference a day makes! PotatoFest in Ebensburg was wet, rainy, cold. The next day, Apple Cider Festival and Craft Show was bright, sunny and warm.

Redneck wind chimes.

Jen Brackbrill, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, displays a Barn-owl to the crowd.

This is the same Barn owl - Tyto alba - that is shown on the handler's hand in the previous picture.

Red-tailed Hawk -- Buteo jamaicesis -- it has a wing span of approximately 4-1/2 feet.

This picture is actually a row of marshmallow guns that are made out of PVC pipe. If you look closely at the bottom of the picture you can see part of the openings of the pipes. Darkroom magic.

Stars and Stripes Forever.

This young man, a student at Glendale Area High School, is holding an albino Texas Rat Snake - Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri, on exhibit at the Apple Cider Festival held at Prince Gallitzin State Park.

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible website! Excellent're a professional, after all, but the subjects are very interesting. Haven't lived in Cambria County in 25 years, and haven't been up 'ere much in recent years. Missed the Potato Festival and Mountain Days, so the photos are much appreciated. Even the Warren Zevon reference was great.