Thursday, October 26, 2006

Northern Cambria County by Air

This week's blog was shot from a 2-seat helicopter as I was flown over the Northwest corner of Cambria County. The pictures comprise the four towns and two school districts that make up this part of the county. These first twenty-one pictures are just a small sample of the over 250 photographs that I took. The four pictures of the buck were shot in our yard. This was his third visit, that we know of.

Several years ago Spangler and Barnesboro consolidated to form the borough of Northern Cambria. We have used all three of the names to identify the pictures.

Slickport, PA

Hastings, PA, population 1,336

Hastings, PA.

Hastings, PA.

Patton, PA, population 1,923.

Patton, PA.

Cambria Heights Middle and High Schools, outside of Patton, PA.

Carrolltown, PA, population 996.

Carrolltown, PA.

Cambria Heights Elementary School.

Hi-Way Drive In.

Spangler, PA aka Northern Cambria, PA.

Spangler, PA showing the Spangler Ball Field.

Spangler, PA, the big red brick building is the old Miner's Hospital.

Northern Cambria, PA., populaton 4,190.

Northern Cambria High School.

Northern Cambria Elementary and Middle School.

Barnesboro, PA. aka Northern Cambria.

Village of Allport, Susquehanna Township.

Cambrian Hills Country Club.

Murphy's Spring, PA., with our slice of heaven in the center.

Backyard visitor.

Eye to Eye.

A decision has been made.

I'm out of here.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of the towns, gorgeous colors of fall. Thank you

Anonymous said...

i was born in old Miners Hospital
(Spangler) Pictures bring back happy memmories, thanks a lot!

Denise Gilman said...

I was born in Miners Hosp in 1964. I am now living in Sydney Australia. Your photos were great fun for me to look at. I mapped out all of the old spots I use to bike ride and play growing up in Spangler. Thank you

D Mitchell said...

Growing up in Spangler, your photos really brought beck great memories. They are phenomenal. Thank you so much for sharing. When we go back to visit, we forget to stop and really look at how beautiful "home" is. Thanks again.

Middletown, DE

Chewbaccamonkeylunch said...

Love the picture of Carrolltown! Used to see the steeple coming and going to the grandparents house in Barnesboro, aka Norther Cambria. Great, great photos!