Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Susquehanna Township Fire

The following photographs were taken at the scene of a fatal fire in Susquehanna Township, Cambria County on Monday, October 2, 2006 starting at approximately 11:30 in the morning. The State Police Fire Marshal, who is called in for all fatal fires, came to the conclusion that the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction. The Cambria County Coroner, who was also called in, determined that the sole occupant of the home, an 85 year old woman, died from toxic smoke inhalation and burns to 60% of her body and that the death was accidental. Volunteer firemen from the Spangler, Hope and Hastings Fire Companies were on hand for more than 4 hours, as were EMS personnel from Veterans and Hastings EMS Stations. More than 1/4 mile of 5 inch hose was laid from the nearest hydrant on Route 219 (Bigler Avenue) to the home located on First Avenue. We are not adding text to the photographs as most of them are self-explanatory. The photos are shown in the order they were taken.

Cambria County Coroner, Dennis Kwiatkowski, talks with members of the press concerning his preliminary findings on the fire.


ExHillbilly formerly from Indiana County said...

Great photos. They reall tell the story.

Shawn In Cayman said...

Absolutely loved the pictures. It's funny how life never seems to change back there. My parents grew up around there and my grandfathers old house is actually in the third picture from the top. It brings back old memories of the trek from our home in Bucks Co., Pa. to there. Thanks!!

gerudo666 said...

I live in Patton right now, and seeing how beautiful it looks from different views is nothing short of amazing! However, I would greatly appreciate it if you could get some photos of Saint Lawrence on here, particularly the houses up on the hill in all the beautiful woods.