Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sun Does Shine

We finally got a few days of warm, sunny weather, and tried to make the best of it. The first picture in this week's blog was the only one I shot on a 200 mile ride I took on my motorcycle on a warm Friday afternoon. With the exception of the African violet picture, which I shot on our front deck, and the two pictures at the Cambria County Courthouse on Saturday evening, the rest of the pictures were shot during a road trip to Camp Hill, PA for a photography trade show. Glad we got out of the house and off the ridge when we did because we haven't seen the sun since Monday morning.

An old barn along Route 22 at Yellow Springs, PA

African Violet

Ceiling in the rotunda of the Cambria County Court House, Ebensburg, PA. Here I am in action taking the photo as caught by a fellow photographer.

A jazz trio featuring Matt Weber on drums, Fremont McHendrick on keyboard and Mike Kokus on saxophone provided music for the 9th Annual Art in Bloom Ebensburg Spring Art Show.

Self-explanatory. This was shot along Route 22 just east of Huntington, PA.

These old bikes are standing against a wall of a barn where a flea market is held along Routes 11/15 near Perdix, PA.

Cement and Glass.

Reflections of Harrisburg as seen in a window.

Pennsylvania State Headquarters for the American Legion located in Wormleysburg, along Routes 11/15.

Vietnam War Statue in front of the Pennsylvania American Legion HQ building.

Crest of the Pennsylvania Department of the American Legion.

Up against the wall....again

Pennsylvania State Capital building, Harrisburg, PA as seen from Camp Hill on the west side of the Susquehanna River.

Skyline of Harrisburg, PA.

Main branch, Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, PA. These guys told their wives they were working.

Taking its life in its own webbed feet, this goose was dumb enough to walk in front of our car. You can tell it's a city goose by its attitude.

Sunday afternoon in the switchin' yard, Enola, PA.

Engine yard, Enola, PA.

Going down hill, two miles from "The Narrows" heading west on Route 22.

This engine belonging to the West Granville Fire Department, was manufactured by the E-One Company in 1993. It holds 1,000 gallons of water and can pump 1,500 gallons per minute, its 8 man crew can lay 1,500 feet of 5 inch line and 600 feet of 3 inch line. The volunteer fire company, located in Strodes Mills, Mifflin County, was founded in January 1954.
Almost home. Twenty-five miles to go. Heading down 17th Street in the big city of Altoona, PA.

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Biker1100 said...

To anonymous in Enola, sorry about the mistake. I should have known better. Back in the day I downed more than one beer in Johnnies.