Thursday, January 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

Ten days into the new year and I'm still putting 2007 at the bottom of the photographs. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be over this by next week. All but three of this week's photographs were shot in or around the city of York, Pennsylvania while on a day trip to visit my 80 year old mother.

Sunrise over Bedford, PA. We are about a mile or so west of the Bedford exchanged on the Pennsylvania turnpike. We'd been watching the sun rise for about 45 minutes now.

Located on the border of York and North York is the Prospect Hill Cemetery. Some of the tombstones in the cemetery go back to the early days of York. Shown here is a statue dedicated to the "Memory of the defenders of the Union 1861-5".

Most of the folks buried in this part of the cemetery were born in the early 1800s or before.

As with every trip back home the first place we stop is the Central Market at the corner of Beaver and Philadelphia Streets. On this trip we used the Philadelphia Street entrance for a change.

I love raw milk, you know, the kind that still has the cream still floating at the top of the bottle. Dietz Produce is the only stand at market, as far as I know, that still sells raw milk. Normally, we stop here on our visits to buy shallots because of the good price and their friendly attitude.

Another product that the Dietz family carries are these "fair trade" coffees from South America.

Dried fruit, honey, Pennsylvania maple syrup, you name it, this stand has it. Personally, I didn't climb to the top of the food chain just to eat fruit and nuts, but, the roasted soy nuts at this stand were great. They didn't last the trip home, but they were good while they lasted.

Hand died and hand spun yarns and hand crafted goods are sold at the stand run by Cherie Anne.

I think this is some kind of doll dress form because it is only 6 or 8 inches tall.

Food, made to order at Mug and Dolly's.

Made from African bird peppers, "Wild Dog", is a meat and veggie marinate.

Doorway, 44 West Philadelphia Street, York, PA. The building is under renovation.

All Bones
While we were driving East on Market Street, old US Route 30, my wife, sitting in the c0-pilot seat, spotted these skeletons mounted on the front of a house. I did a quick once around the block and shot these three pictures.

All Bones 2

House of Bones

The only place in York County that I really wanted to get a picture of this weekend was the Haines Shoe House located in Hellam, PA. Go to the following URL for more information on the this world famous landmark. They tell the tale better than I can.

You can talk all you want about the best donuts you've ever had. But, by far, Maple Donuts of York ranks at the top of the list. These aren't your run of the mill national come-lately franchise donuts, these are the real McCoys, locally made for over 60 years.

5 Brooks Robinson Way is the address of the Sovereign Bank Stadium on North George Street in York. Before making his National League debut with the Baltimore Orioles, Mr. Robinson was a second baseman with the York White Roses Baseball Team. Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983 Robinson played 23 years with the Os. Most baseball fans will remember that the number 5 was Brooks' jersey number for his whole career.

Pullman manufactured cars in York from 1905 to 1917. The building is now high-rent apartments.

Buildings go down, parking lots go up. At a price.

Old Railroad bridge over the Codorus Creek. If you look closely just above my name, you'll see a Belted Kingfisher taking off.

Bikers cruising on Market Street, downtown York, PA. The mural in the background shows the four chaplains who went down with the U.S.S. Dorchester during WWII.

Pawn Shop.

National House.
Market and Beaver Street, built in 1828 it was then known as the White Hall Hotel.

Downtown York, PA barber shop.

Advertising Convoy on Market Street.

Common Redpoll -- Acanthis flammea
Normally this bird, with it's black bib and red chest, isn't from this part of Western Pennsylvania. Its' territory seldom ever drops below the Great Lakes or Northern New York.

Common Redpoll

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While researching my elusive BLAKE/ Pullin ancestors, I stumbled onto your site. What a gifted photographer you are! Your photo's of Patton in particular have helped me get a better idea of where my ancestors lived. Thank you for sharing your work!