Thursday, July 01, 2010

Appalachian Wagon Train

I got a call from the Tribune-Democrat to go shoot the Appalachian Wagon Train as it toured the area around Prince Gallitzin State Park. Rather than follow the trail and find the train I instead decided to cut them off at the pass so that I could shoot them as they came towards me. And it would have worked out as planned but at the last minute the wagon master choose to take a different trail. Once I found their detour, I knew they were mine.

When I caught up to the wagon train I found them tied up behind a modern day township road crew who was putting new macadam on the road in front of them. Because of the terrain and the narrowness of the road, the wagon train had no alternative but to sit there until the road crew got finished.

Wagon master Paul Ivory and his wife Trudy led the wagon train downhill moving towards Nagle's Crossroads in Cambria County, PA.

Wagon driver.

Seat with a view.

Every wagon train has its lead riders that make sure the roads are clear and the crossroads are guarded so the train can move through intersections without having cars get in the among the wagons.

The wagon train approaches Nagle's Crossroads just as the farmer lets the steers out of the barn on Friday morning.

The next twelve photographs show the wagon train as it passes through Nagle's Crossroads.

After passing Nagle's Crossroads the Appalachian Wagon Train enters the grounds of La Ferme Rouge on Marina Road, Patton, PA for lunch.

The final three photographs in this week's blog show one of the outriders, Luke Spory of Silver Springs, MD, as he and his horse got caught in a sudden downpour while on the afternoon lunch break. These were shot within one minute.

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