Friday, December 16, 2005

Last Week of Fall - Go Figure!

Although this is the last full week of Fall, we've had snow on the ground since at least Thanksgiving. Just another typical fall in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

Christmas trees for sale covered with snow in front of sale shed.

IUP Trombone Choir
Part of the twenty-two member IUP Trombone Choir which entertained the Patton Music Club.

Horse walking through snow to get back into barn.
This picture was shot along Grozanick Road near Patton, PA.

Large white house decorated for Christmas
This Christmas scene was shot in Cherry Tree, PA.

Barn in the snow
Barn revisited, Route 36, near Chest Springs, PA.

Old Cambria Heights Middle School Building in Hastings, in the snow
The old Cambria Heights Middle School Building, in Hastings, PA.

House in the snow
Country living on a cold winter day.

Gold finches at the feeder
Just another feeder picture.

More gold finches at the feeder

Close up of wet trees at Glendale Lake covered with snow.

Long view of wet trees at Glendale Lake covered with snow.
Two views of the same scene, Glendale Lake.
The wind, combined with the snow and moisture in the air, create the snowy trees.

Wooden carving and its shadow
A wall hanging.

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