Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Comes to a Close

It seems that at the end of the year people, especially journalists of all sorts, have a need to look back one last time at the year before Father Time kicks them in the butt once more. I guess we are no different than anyone else. The pictures in this week's issue of the blog are just a few of the thousands that I've taken during the last year presented here as Illustration Photography. Happy New Year!

'67 Thunderbird

Carrolltown Reflection

A Fall Cornfield

St. Benedict Church, Carrolltown, PA

Flower Wall

Grasshopper on Bamboo Leaf.

Hastings, PA

You didn't think I walked up here, did you?


Skebeck's Barn

Killbuck Creek

Potato Fest

Reference Librarian at Play

Sitting Pretty

Buck and Barn

Glendale Lake

Piston Engine

St. Bernard's Cemetery



Anonymous said...

that piston engine looks like the front of Ralph Holtz's (deceased) open cockpit military double winger !......Jack

Anonymous said...

looks like a 61-63 T-Bird